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Truth behind classic mike valle fight

heres some background to the fight


by Stephen

submitted November 5th 2006

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*Obviously* it was setup. I mean, this guy is a total PUSSY...
11 years ago
^ your a pussy... CKY pwns
11 years ago
if this is true, which it looks like it is, mike vallely is a complete cunt. same goes for the CKY team
11 years ago
DUDE FUCK THAT! MIKE V FOUGHT THE SONS A BITCHES FOR TRASH TALKING THEM MIKE V IS A TRUE MAN OF VALOR HE WAS FUCKING STANDING UP FOR HIS FUCKING FRIENDS, THE MANS A SAINT. and you can totally hear the fucking lies pour out of the mans mouth with the hesitation in all of his replies, FUCK HIM>.
10 years ago
yeah..thats kind of fucked up if you set it up. Fags
11 years ago
What a pussy. Can't even knock a dude out in a fight he set up. His girlfriend Bam cried like four times in Jackass 2. News flash, half a million dollar sportscars don't make you a man.
11 years ago
my impression is the guy is making up the story to make some coin off CKY...
when this video originally surfaced it was no big deal and the events weren't in dispute, what supposedly happened was Mike Vallely emerged from somewhere ( it was either a close by store or the motel lobby ) with a carton of milk open and drinking, while these guys taunted him for it from a jeep passing by, he responded and they pulled into the parking lot and approached him as you see here....... something else that is not mentioned in this video is that the two of them men involved didn't sue and disputed the account of the two who sued...... if the CKY guys set this up, then it is inconsistent with their typical style, usually the cams are in the action or even set up cinematically with wide angles, etc....... oh well........

just some thoughts watching this video.
11 years ago
reminds me of the time vallely started fighting with a security guard in a parking lot..
they shouldn't have been there, and the guard was telling them to move on.
vallely started getting all shitty with him and ended up grabbing him by the throat etc.

the more i think about it, the more i think vallely and the CKY team are complete pricks.
it's obvious that the CKY team have exploited a market to earn millions.
11 years ago
i really hate bam margera, he's such a fucking prick! the things they do to eachother(they means bam and his 'friends'). it's just not.. 'friendly'. friends don't hit eachother in the nuts at any opportunity, they don't lock eachother up in a crane for 4 hours, or hang someone in a tree for half a day. and the whole 'hitting phil margera' thing is just plain stupid. im really surprised his dad didn't kick him out about 10 years ago! well, it's probably just because of the money.
11 years ago
I think the Bam/CKY/Jackass/fuck-someone-up-when-theyre-backs'-turned phase will pass in T.V. sooner than later.
11 years ago
Get over this sad and stupid fight im sure we have all seen better on a night out.
11 years ago
but it's more than a sad stupid fight, it's interesting now cos someone says it's staged etc.
11 years ago
I supose, what are the chances of a pro skate boarder who's friends make candid camera programs, being caught on camera fighting.
11 years ago
let's face it, if nothing of any interest is happening and you want to make money, you'll make it happen.
11 years ago
get over it you jock faggot
11 years ago
that's the thing, i doubt if they really are jocks, CKY musta said it to make vallely seem tough
11 years ago
"Four random jocks"? What's their sport? D&D? WoW? Either way, two of those "jocks" got rich...

11 years ago
Haha kids talkin trash about Bam... its called gettin rich you numbskulls. crymore
11 years ago
they look like skaters too. haha seems as tho the camera is ontop of a roof or sumthing ..... hints at a pussy cameraman fuckin pussy bam fuck you i hope u loose your millions u shitstain
11 years ago
You can't hide your lying eyes!
11 years ago
Either way, two of those "jocks" got rich...

i read your little article and it clearly states that no one knows if any money was exchanged at all.
Are you fucking retarded? I mean, seriously, do you know how to fucking read?
I'm gonna piss on your grave.
I can't fucking wait.
11 years ago
A video we wouldnt have seen if Mike had got knocked out by one of the jocks!
11 years ago
^ Do you know what happens when people settle out of court? Of course they didn't announce how much the settlement was. That's how it works. But if you think that those "jocks" didn't get any money then you're too naive even for this site.
11 years ago
apparently to ignorant poor ass fucks like you any amount of money makes you "rich"
dumb shit.
11 years ago
Those douchebag losers were NOT "jocks".
11 years ago
^iloseatlife, i find it funny that your lack of understanding makes you angry. And somehow people without money are "ignorant"? You must be very clever. You have more green pieces of paper than me. Good work. Try not to get so angry. Your head might explode.
11 years ago
back in the day I smelt a setup and anyone who doesn't is an idiot. You can clearly see they guys don't even want to fight.

At best(for the cky faggots), it was a situation where they talked a little bit of shit and valley came out of nowhere all agressive like and scared them.

I also read some shit here that was saying Valley admitted that the security guard thing was a setup as well.

that's two pretty serious strikes in my book
11 years ago
I read body language for living. He's lying. His voice shakes, his eyes dart away twice during a single question, he leans away, his head shakes from side to side in a "NO" gesture and he opens his eyes wide with about a one second delay in false surprise. I can't see his hands or overall posture, but there are so many overlapping signs of dishonesty in this video, it's disgusting! Go after those Benjamins, Sayers, you golddigger!
9 years ago
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