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Christian miracle call fails

funny shit


by Stephen

submitted November 4th 2006

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Hah. All that shit's fake.
12 years ago
Is that some MAD TV knock-off or do those freakshows really air in the US?...don't get me wrong..must be very entertaining
12 years ago
whoops! they have to tell their peeps that they have to FAKE it! YEAAAAHHHHH!!! FAKE IT BABY!!! EEEEEEAAAHHHH!!!! COmmon! Feel that jesus juice!!! YEAAHAAAAHAHA!!!

12 years ago
My guess is this show does not indeed get picked up again. YEAAAHHHH!!! Well. At least not in front of a live feed or something. They have to fake it just like the rest...
12 years ago
12 years ago
^They do have jesus channels in the states.. and they can either be funny, or depressing really.. but in any case.. just proof of the extent of mega churches... and it wouldn't suprise me if that was a real call (some people are so religious reality surpasses them)
12 years ago
12 years ago
hallelujah!! OH GOD THE PAIN!!
12 years ago
Real, i grew up in the midwest, these shows are a dime a dozen.
12 years ago
thats called speakin in tounges...........my old church did that alot.......they said it was god talkin through them..........its all gibberish........the 10 years i went there the same people said the same shit........and if one person got louder than another .......it was like a yellin contest......lol when i was young i brought a friend from school to church to show him what i deal with......he was alittle frightend
12 years ago
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