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amateur chick masturbates with a screwdriver


yes, she is doing herself with a screwdriver... i guess, she didn´t find something better:)) 18+


by brianb

submitted November 2nd 2006

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Tool. Box.
12 years ago
somehow i was expecting her to use the other end of that screwdriver..
12 years ago
Uhhh....does ANYONE filter this shit before its posted to the site??!?!?!?!?! What a fucking waste of time!!!!
12 years ago
Ginger minge. Ewwwww....stinky.
12 years ago
*yaaaaawn* oh, its over?
12 years ago
<font color=red> You stole this from Ebaums World! NO FAIR!....
12 years ago
"honey i don't know whats wrong... i just cant hold on to my tools today, the damn things keep slipping"
12 years ago
Gives a new meaning to the saying "screwed over".
12 years ago
i was hoping she'd be stabbing her self with the other end so it would be like the exorcist. :(
12 years ago
nice tits ^ ^
12 years ago
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