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Bush Uses The GOOGLE!

You know, to find maps and shit.


by yak

submitted November 1st 2006

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sometimes i use google when i am trying to find a new foreign policy. then other times i use google when i am trying to find out what the current deficit is.
12 years ago
i recent looked at the deserts in africa on google maps. It was fucking amazing.
12 years ago
fake, Liberal concoction to make Bush look dumb.........

when will the world realize Bush is a nice man and that's all that matters......
12 years ago
^ Stem cells might be a hope for you, oh sorry Bush is against it or is he for it now . Someone say flipflop?????

His idioticy pays well for most of his dumb voters, that and the senile dementia thats kicking in from his days of drinking and snorting coke(fact by the way)

Please people sort the US out cos all the worlds econimys rely on eachother
12 years ago
I've been trying to get a pirate google earth pro but know of the cracks work on the demo yet
12 years ago
I know the insular American joke is going to the well too many times (especially around here) but I found it hilarious how his highlight of Google Earth was being able to go back and look at his own ranch.
12 years ago
Maye he should use it to look at Iraq? Just a suggestion.
12 years ago
^^ LMAO(really) all he was missing in that intervue was a spittoon
12 years ago


12 years ago
actually, the first thing I did when I got onto google maps was to find my old house out in the country.

oh, and have you looked at New Zealand? That place is fucking amazing. I want to move there.
12 years ago
Hehe. He said, "teh google". Eheheh
12 years ago
Why is he so fascinated with "the google" earth when he has access to real time military surveillance satellite imaging?

Oh yeah, he's trying to do that fake "down home good ol' boy from midland texas" impression so he can appeal to his dwindling supporters.
12 years ago
Nice Men do not drink the blood of children, or phuck male prostitutes in the mouth......
12 years ago
12 years ago
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