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Christian Cheesy Pirate Rap

While we are on the subjects of pirates.... this should work :)

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by yak

submitted November 1st 2006

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~sigh~ why do these fundamental christians always try to put a moderate spin on an extremist philosophy?? ~tsk~tsk~ soooo dishonest......
12 years ago
What this show really needs is a napalm air strike. Screaming blowing burning bubbles.
12 years ago
Stop wasting money on shitty backgrounds and buy some fucking mics so you don't have to use the one on the camera.
12 years ago
Because a pirate is such an inherently good carrier of messages of faith and peace.

This brought back some terrible flashbacks to that shitty semi-religious crap imported for local community television aka Circle Square Ranch.
12 years ago
That was Crazy Dope Yo!
12 years ago
That one puppet looked like he was jacking off.

Word to Jesus
12 years ago
my left ear started to bleed profusly while I was listening to this. then... I melted.
12 years ago
Polly wants a crack rapper with her cheese.
12 years ago
Wow, it's like black culture, only.... raped. Can we see another example of whites trivializing someone's culture by making it into a commercial, or an advertising campaign, or some other marketing vehicle???
12 years ago
12 years ago
I'll devote myself to Christianity when Pat Robertson starts rapping...

We already know he's straight up hardcore gangsta, what with calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez and downplaying New Orleans... M.C. Squint-A-Lot takes no shit!
12 years ago
i think my timbers are still shivvering.

imagine the increase in efficiency of raping and plundering if pirates could walk on water.
12 years ago
I want to stick that fuckin doll up those fat redneck christian's asses.
12 years ago
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