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10 Minutes of Borat Part 1

Promoting the Borat movie, here are some scenes from past Borat skits as well as some from the movie.


by yak

submitted October 31st 2006

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I bet you'd love for him to tickle your anus with his moustache
12 years ago
I like how foreign comedians always go to the South when they seek the stupid/ignorant people of America...

that must mean something. I just... can't... think of it... hmmmm
12 years ago
That's right...that well-known southern US city of New York.

But yeah, you're quite right. Sacha Baron Cohen would never try this shit on someone smart, say, like the head of the CIA...what? He did.
12 years ago
Do Americans really think that "NOT" jokes are funny ??
12 years ago
Yes we Americans really do think that "NOT" jokes are funny!!! Pause. NOT!
12 years ago
This chap is a British Jew, his crude black humour exposes how deep racism and bigitory is instilled into people that act like they are passivists an the like.

He exposed you's for the fools you are , i swear even well before 9/11 the world thought you's are fat gullable loud Yanks your only starting to notice now

(little hint, when someone says your fat, you loose weight yeh, when someone says you stink you take a shower yeh , you's are thick but instead of making a differnce you's use the US flag and patriotism to cover your lack of intelect)
12 years ago
Im not an American hater but you and the Jews are like that dickhead everyone knows thats always gets you into a fight on a night out
12 years ago
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