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Dr. Phil vs. Bill O'Reilly

Two noble men debate.


by pricklypete

submitted October 31st 2006

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both these guys are idiot assholes.
12 years ago
Thought it would be real, Letterman stuck it to him the other night.
12 years ago
wow, perhaps, if their TYES were the same in this cut... I guess you would have a video that was worthy. Oh please... put the spin on something else. This is so tired out... really. it is.

Perhaps if it was a real debate????? Honestly.... why didntmy other video pass???i will submit again?!!! i WILL!!!

Common yak its a good vid, and with simon pegg and all.... i will submit it agian....
12 years ago
um... because its already on the site k-billy?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Well that was just..........bad.
12 years ago
I didnt see it before.... oh well... Thanks though!
12 years ago
fuck u phil fuckin snageltooth bitch
12 years ago
don't listen to yak k-billy, we all know he's biased against conservative content!!!!
12 years ago
^ What i found funny was Yak removed comments i made about Hitler a few yr ago about the Jews but he still lets all the nigger comments , Yak you pretend your unbiast but your a racist fuck(like myself, but with good reason)
12 years ago
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