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nasty road side crash

Might be a repost. I saw a while back maybe some didnt


by Stephen

submitted October 30th 2006

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so this is nothing toxic all of a sudden? have to post shit from spike tv now eh? lemme guess, after showing that dumbass stuffing his penis with chew, you are too stupidified and absolutely dumbfounded that you cant find something else to post???? i hope so, cuz if i want to see reruns of this garbage, i'll just turn on the tv.
12 years ago
hogmaster needs a hug.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Why thank you hogmaster now return back to the barn yard and tend to ur animals or wife whatever the fuck she is. Shes can be found in the mud pit with the rest of ur relatives...
12 years ago
Well if you don't want to see reruns why not go out right now and film yourself trying to take a crap on a freeway whilst riding a unicycle so we can all watch something completely unseen on the internet?

Incidentally, first time I've seen this. I wonder if they did to the driver what they were doing to speeding motorcyclists in a video some months ago.
12 years ago
^Those motorcyclists were racing through and knew they shouldnt but im sure this drunk driver will get a nice reception at the local police station.
12 years ago
damn, i dont need a hug!~!!!
12 years ago
^ For you, anything my camel fucking friend
12 years ago
They should feed the drunk shithead through a woodchipper on low power dick-first.
12 years ago
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