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Women wrecks her car pulling into garage

Women are such good drivers


by Stephen

submitted October 30th 2006

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You've got to have an IQ of no more than 12 to do something that stupid...
12 years ago
i've always wondered if someone has done that everytime i go to those places. now i can stop wondering.
12 years ago
I used to work on the computer for one of these quick lube places. And yes, it happened there several times over a 6 year period. If I recall correctly, it was always a woman driving.
12 years ago
Her husband will never touch her dumb ass again. However the insurance company will be fucking her forever. Everyone wins.
12 years ago
Flailing arms = step on the gas.

Saw a woman do similar in her Jag across a median strip in a carpark. "What median strip?" Then she insisted on reversing her car all the way back along a few metres rather than just do the last half a metre.
12 years ago
I call shennanigans on this being a woman driver. All of the "quick lube" places I've been to don't let you drive into the garage. You have to leave your vehicle outside and the mechanics drive it in. The garage opening just before the car enters the garage pretty much confirms that.

Not saying that women are not bad drivers, they are, but I think this was a drunk employee.

12 years ago
Too many at lunch hey^
At my work we always have truck drivers who back into the loading bay, come out smelling like turpentine and asking "can I have a quater pounder with cheese and a small Sprite?"
12 years ago
JoeyJoJo: You're not 18! Does yak have an affidavit from your mommy?!?
12 years ago
mothh u banjo playin inbread fukin hillbilly
12 years ago
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