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Goodbye official D4nny video

i owe you fucks nothing, but i hope yall stay as cool as you froodily can

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by possum

submitted August 12th 2018

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...will probably be checking in on you fucks and subbing a vid once daily - sometime between 8 and 11 PM CST....
2 days ago
fyi - giving up on trying to unban nixon and trying to sub subs for non-existent users to not-comment on

if things perk up here a bit i'll join in of course...

* possum digs his own hole *
2 days ago
This video sucked and stop being emo.
2 days ago
jim calling me an emo hurts my feelers
19 hours ago
Damnit, you asshole.
18 hours ago
1 day ago
and retarded
14 hours ago
what's wrong with his face?
19 hours ago
it's yours?
19 hours ago
your mama. 8P
19 hours ago