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Store clerk hit by car

cars hits the side of a store going through the wall and hitting a store clerk. Walks away without a scratch


by Stephen

submitted October 30th 2006

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Somebody has been watching the Blues Brothers a few too many times.
12 years ago
No... I was driving to the store to get more chew for my urethra, I guess I was buzzing more then I figured...
12 years ago
i bet it was same female driver from that oil change place.
12 years ago
and that same driver was in Thailand earlier
12 years ago
the driver was just trying to avoid that late charge.
12 years ago
Took 'drive thru' too far.
12 years ago
"I was just sitting there watching two hot bitches have sex with each other, when out of nowhere this lady who had purchased some chocolate coins earlier came crashing through the wall. Turns out she wasn't to happy to get home and find out she had bought flavoured condoms for her 8 year old twin girls."
12 years ago
some people like to slam on the gas when they back out of a parking space, but instead of having the car in reverse they accidently put it in drive.
12 years ago
now thats an idea for a hidden camera show! "SURPRISE!"
12 years ago
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