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2 Cat Fights

only thing better then a cat fight is 2 at the sametime


by Stephen

submitted October 30th 2006

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only thing better than 2 girls fighting at the same time is actually seeing a clip where the people fighting are actually visible. and not listening to some stupid white trash bitch scream something i cant quite understand and dont intend on figuring out since the video was so shitty. well, the video wasnt really shitty quality, but the fight was really lame.
12 years ago
Ra-dee-da fool, ra-dee-da!

What does that mean anyway?
12 years ago
i think the cameraman is an idiot. who honestly gets so close that the girl would actually end up punching the camera.... wow.....
12 years ago
must admit, one of the better ones Ive seen
12 years ago
hogmaster didnt I tell u to go back to the barn yard and tend to ur relatives.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Niggers and white confused women who fink they're blakkk.
12 years ago
dude did anyone spot the thong? *fap fap fap*
12 years ago
gee i'm sorry Stephen, was one of those cows fighting you??
12 years ago
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