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Dude at the wrong concert

Wait for it...


by Jones

submitted July 29th 2018

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hahahahaha morph
3 months ago
I wouldn't be happy if I were about to spill my beer either
3 months ago
3 months ago
yorick and i dual-handedly broke up a wanna-be mosh pit in St Paul once...(Jason And The Scorchers, with opening act the Fabulous Thunderbirds)

an unlikely mosh-type duo as you can get

we got there early, to get in the front row...as soon as the Birds started up though there were these four teenpunky types who kept aggressively bumping us whilst hopping around mindlessly

talk about being at the wrong concert dudes....

anyway, both yorick and possum were semi-pissed off by this shit

short story: after the third bump, yorick decked the "bumper"...kids thought we were playing along i guess though
after i got "bumped" again by a different kid seconds later, i grabbed him, held him close, and whispered in his ear - "quit while you're ahead"

the end

* possum flexes *

3 months ago
^as butch as i have ever gotten
3 months ago
Jason and The Scorchers is quite possibly the gayest name ever for a band.
3 months ago
Then again The Fabulous Thunderbirds isn’t much better, either.
3 months ago
meh, cowpunk - what can you say?
3 months ago
Ah, yeah. Point taken.
3 months ago
Moshing to the Fabulous Thunderbirds though? That’s like jerking off while listening to Yanni...you could, but why would you?
3 months ago
that was what pissed us off
3 months ago
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