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plus one team snot


by possum

submitted July 28th 2018

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lol its punky's niner
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
What in the fucking hell?
2 weeks ago
And then he ate it.
2 weeks ago
looks crunchy
2 weeks ago
You think so? I figured that the elasticity would give it more of a chewy texture.
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Lol a guy on Live PD wearing a wife beater just got arrested for domestic assault in El Paso.
2 weeks ago
this is surprising?
2 weeks ago
The irony was so thick that you couldn’t cut with a diamond reciprocating saw blade.
2 weeks ago
deadwife told me, way back in 1982, that if i ever hit her or even anything close to that, that we were automatically done

i responded, "same goes for you!"

at first she was like ...huh?

then we both witnessed a few iso instances of this IRL, and went back to full-power arguing as foreplay
2 weeks ago
* possum slinkys off *
2 weeks ago
Make up sex is best sex anyway. Plus, Idc if you’re a woman or a man, hit me and I’ll do my best to knock you the fuck out.
2 weeks ago
Mako, I'm going to miss your autistic takes on life.

I'm going to miss the way you have taken literally every piece of bait fries has ever laid down for you without knowing any better.

I'm going to miss your shiny bald head.

I'm going to miss your boringness.

This is my last night on MS.

2 weeks ago
* Bono wells up *
2 weeks ago
How dreadfully appropriate that I'm the only one online 8)
2 weeks ago
Kill yourself.
2 weeks ago
Not yet! You're half an hour late to my announcement though. Hope you're not lonely.
2 weeks ago
It’s so...caramelly.
2 weeks ago
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