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if you like faceplants

Then don't miss this one! I give 7 out 10.


by McWoozy

submitted October 29th 2006

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The assisted face plant.
12 years ago
Now thats just LOLZ right right there, I don't care who ya are.

I swear somebody said, "Ajeegeedamoobida my foot!"
12 years ago
The thing is he can't even get angry with his friends seeing as he consented to it. More stupid than the others for trusting in his friends like that.
12 years ago
"Ajeegeedamoobida my foot!" is Romanian for "I just swallowed all of my teeth."
12 years ago
The only thing I can't figure out is why did he yell "CRAZY-ONION-FOOT" right after he chin-fucked the studio floor...??

They must be a comedy act or something.
12 years ago
he got served by himself. :P heh

what is up with all these guys of former Soviet Block countries and their fascination with American boy bands? some sort of gay out?
12 years ago
what was he trying to do? a summersault?
12 years ago
^^^ Nah he was trying to do a somersault^^^
12 years ago
^lol gramma gud
12 years ago
Ok, so I finally confirmed this with my Romanian neighbor, the accountant. He says, the reason it sounds like the guy yells: "CRAZY-ONION-FOOT" is because he actually yelled out: "CRAISEEUN YONPHOOTE", which in Romanian actually translates to: "FUCK ME IN THE GOAT ASS!"

Problem solved...
12 years ago
aah the faceplant, the finest type of internet video
12 years ago
12 years ago
i think he was saying please let go of my foot..... they should have listened, but appearently we all would have done the same thing to him lmao.
12 years ago
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