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dude crushing a can with his head

theres no sound but it still looks cool!!!


by chris_garrett2010

submitted October 29th 2006

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That dude is in dire need of a smashing hair cut.
12 years ago
^ I love british humor!
12 years ago
Is this the style for kids now a-days? I though the 90s sling haircut was retarded, but this...
12 years ago
Fuckin hell. Looks like he fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

12 years ago
What a little fag, thats his fifteen minutes of fame wasted. I don't think theres much call for banging your head against things round here so he should get back to work.
12 years ago
Cool! Now try a bottle...
12 years ago
Diddnt they arrest that psycho for cutting up his neighbor and bringing over a bloody ax and chainsaw over the boarder into the US from Canada??
12 years ago
find another trick, kid. that one is played out
12 years ago
Cool! a can, a bottle... now try this contact explosive.
12 years ago
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