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Baker Street

Gerry Rafferty

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by Mako

submitted June 28th 2018

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nice find
5 months ago
Thanks. Rick Sanchez was singing it at the end of an episode last night and I figured I would see if it was here.
5 months ago
there was this one, Right Down The Line, and of course "Stuck In The Middle With You" (as Stealer,s Wheel)

that's about it "Night Owl" doesnt count

too bad his life sucked so bad, and RIP Gerry
5 months ago
god he looks positively catatonic in this vid
5 months ago
He was probably drunk as hell.
5 months ago
Rafferty enjoyed alcohol from a young age,[20][37][42][59] and early songs, such as "One Drink Down", "Baker Street", and "Night Owl", freely mention the subject. According to Michael Gray, the singer's personal manager in the early 1980s: "It never occurred to me in all the time I knew him that he was heading for alcoholism. Maybe I should have realised, but I didn't. I'm unsure whether he did."[54] As the 1980s progressed, Rafferty's growing drinking problem placed his marriage under impossible strain[38] and his wife divorced him in 1990,[60] though they remained close.[38] In 1995, Rafferty was deeply affected by the death of his older brother Joseph, an event from which family and friends said he never fully recovered.[59]

In the late 1980s, Rafferty had told journalist Colin Irwin "I was always very conscious about keeping a low profile because that's the way I like to go about it. And I don't plan to be in the public eye too much now either."[5] In the last decade of his life, having taken pains to shun the fame and celebrity that accompanied his musical achievements, Rafferty found himself making headlines once again as he struggled with alcoholism and depression and the increasingly erratic behaviour they spawned.[61]

While the news stories focused on Rafferty's binges, they revealed nothing of the impact on his family and friends. His girlfriend Enzina Fuschini said she "felt that he was under some sort of evil spell. He felt crippled by it... I saw a man in despair".[59] According to Rafferty's ex-wife Carla: "There was no hope. I would never have left him if there'd been a glimmer of a chance of him recovering."
5 months ago
5 months ago
This vid was circa 1978, so that was probably the very beginning of the downward spiral.
5 months ago
5 months ago
oh for sure...young billy riding shotgun in moms cutless supreme,driving the 16ish miles to surf city,USA..aka Huntington Beach,Ca...there were some select tasty tunes that still haunt me from those days..this being one of the top ones..Wings With A Little Luck..Eddie Money Baby Hold On..and some others
5 months ago
Lawrence Welk Clarinet Polka...
5 months ago
there was no shame in Welk's game
5 months ago
life is just a fantasy - aldo nova
hot child in the city - nick guilder
one toke over the line - lawrence welk

music to live by
5 months ago
* PunkyBruiser kisses possum on he'$ BUTT CHEEK *

5 months ago
wait what?
the guy holding the mirror at 02:31
5 months ago
5 months ago
5 months ago
listening to The Craft soundtrack tonight

bad movie, interesting tunes though
5 months ago
lol Jump Into The Fire
5 months ago
Back when Fairuza Ball was still mildly fuckable.
5 months ago
5 months ago
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