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sassy gay friend #1

sorry, i laughed


by possum

submitted June 17th 2018

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no homo
1 month ago
1 month ago
not even slightly friendo
1 month ago
it would be.

if, you know
1 month ago
* possum writes a sad poem in his journal *
1 month ago
Did High Risk have any ballads?
1 month ago
the drummer wrote an absolutely horrible love-song for his gf that we played for a slow-dance sometimes...think John Denver-lite (possible even?)

fun fact - he recycled the song for his next two gfs and made us promise not to tell
1 month ago
"This time its not a joke
I'll tell you what i me-he-heen
This time its not a joke
I could live me life up there, with you"

and yes it didnt even rhyme
also he couldnt read music, or play a musical instrument (drums dont count duh) and the general High Risk opinion was that his college roommate wrote the horriblness

unfortunately i was dating/fucking his sister at the time, so i never pressed the issue

1 month ago
* possum abides *
1 month ago
* Vomitcircus is blinded by the light *
4 weeks ago
this is stupid
1 month ago
on the plus side she is kinda cute
1 month ago
so is he! .. oops, didn't mean to type that. wish Mucho had a delete option on comments.
1 month ago
* possum autopats cheech *
1 month ago
Fries, you stupid beautch.
1 month ago
creepy read.
1 month ago
Ya gotta love that NJ support. lol!
1 month ago
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