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61 year old basejumper

This 61-year old can still basejump. Unbelievable.


by rigi

submitted October 28th 2006

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Yeah, that was a real original choice of music there. That's right you're a mythical hero, not just some adrenaline junky with money burning a hole in your pocket.
12 years ago
First off the sound track is a bad ass composition. Secondly.... Big Phuckin Deal. Did he even have to pull a cord?
12 years ago
I'm sure there's something original about this vid. I just know it.

12 years ago
so the old guy can drop down and pull a cord eh? thats impressive, old ppl are useless. seriously now, i think its more impressive when oyung ppl drop down, since they havent lived their life and are gmbling it.
12 years ago
the cameraman was more impressive. He nearly went arse over tit but still kept the old guy in the frame.
12 years ago
I agree, the camera guy stole the show
12 years ago
When you are 61 is the time to do that...
12 years ago
Whats so impressive? all he's gotta do is jump! age doesn't come into it.
12 years ago
Did he step on a cat when he landed? I was more impressed with the camera man.
12 years ago
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