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"Wee Sods Mugged Us Of Our Brains!"

(around the 2:25 mark)....other than that, i dunno


by possum

submitted June 8th 2018

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Is there such a thing as an Irish Cajun?
5 months ago
the irish are the cajuns of europe...good music, inbred as all get out, supposedly speak english but yeah okay, would rather fight than fuck....
5 months ago
Kurupt and his boys have a lot of rage.
5 months ago
they might have dad issues
5 months ago
So these guys are actually serious? They don't even get paid to do this dumb shit?
5 months ago
It seems a bit staged, but it’s Irish hooligans, so I’ll save judgement.
5 months ago
* possum Jumps Around *
5 months ago
Mako, think trailer trash yelling from across the parking lot of the trailer park, except in the UK and over the internet.
5 months ago
Although, I doubt their fights are about whether or not Ned from two trailers down fucked Lue Anne and got her knocked up even though she was s'posed to be fucking Jimmy Boy from next door, even though he's already got a kid with Crystal, the one-armed stipper at the 7-11 'n' Tits around the corner.
5 months ago
Their European, so it must be for 'noble' reasons of honor.
5 months ago
Cool story.
5 months ago
"Their European."

5 months ago
Blue shirt dude ruined it. I could actually understand him. It's only funny when it's all gibberish. Ya junkies bastards, YA!
5 months ago
seems very clickbait to me
5 months ago
yer mom is clickbait
5 months ago
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