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You don't know who I am, scarface I've done a lot of bad dog things in my life.I ran with the wrong pack. I'd nibble your ears off and shit down your barbed penis. Seriously I'm the type of dog that fucks up your datenight so bad that after you've already given up and ordered Domino's I keep going licking you in the face,stomach,dripping beez, drooling all over your fur and smashing your hindquarters in the ground. I have to ultimately force myself to slurp or one of my buddies would have to stop me and hold me back and re-teach me how to pant I've done things I shouldn't have,a lot of things, i've peed in shoes, eaten pizza flavored cardboard and puked it back up also in your shoes (sorry for that one i guess) You know how they say don't try to fuck your she-lion when i'm all frustrated and stuff? you might just fuck with the wrong dog? Well I'm arfarfarrrfarrf arf? Just lucky for you we're behind fences at this point.


by possum

submitted May 10th 2018

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i mean it
5 months ago
Good moves pup
5 months ago
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