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Poor Mako

he got stabbed while working


by fries-please

submitted May 8th 2018

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Wrong color and wrong language. Downvote.
2 weeks ago
whatever dude
2 weeks ago
Okay, DUDE.
2 weeks ago
really fun thread guys

muchozucko.com had 438 comments today

but this thread is probably better.
2 weeks ago
WTG! I’m sure your parents are very proud.
2 weeks ago
Bono leaves, mucho falls back into the grips of death
2 weeks ago
wonderfully exciting
2 weeks ago
Okay lads, here we go. Starting the moment I hit enter on this...

Bono officially has 1 more sub and 1 more comment in him for MS.

Then it's over. Sucko can die.
2 weeks ago
fuck off faggot
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
your 2nd-to-last sub did quite well...

* possum waits *
2 weeks ago
Chief Swollentongue, how ya feelin?
2 weeks ago
i believe i can talk!
(the angio-edema stuff generally lasts between 8 and 12 hours...although it sometimes moves like the Hawaiian-hotspot and erupts anew...so far so good today)
2 weeks ago
Good to hear.
2 weeks ago
left hand tonight :(

yay i'm right handed :)
2 weeks ago
This really disturbed me. Could not finish it
2 days ago
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