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why you so mad, VON?


by PunkyBruiser

submitted April 22nd 2018

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2 weeks ago
Your post has been fries’d, user.
2 weeks ago
now lets mako'up this shit
2 weeks ago
Nah, I don’t have too much free time this morning.
2 weeks ago
Why you such an idiot?
2 weeks ago
Long-term substance abuse would be my guess. Plus he’s from Tennessee.
1 week ago
2 weeks ago
* fries-please looks at mako *
2 weeks ago
*V0N waves*
2 weeks ago
* Mako waves back *
1 week ago
* possum just got home and says hello *
1 week ago
meh only me and mags online

hi mags

off to watch battlebots now
1 week ago
Fart jokes...

Glad to see that some things never change.
1 week ago
lol hi bert
1 week ago
why is it that former regs keep coming back "to check in" anyway?

drink too much 2nite?
midlife crisis?
midwife crisis?

yeah, some of us are still around, but only out of pure unadulterated stubborn spite
1 week ago
* possum sez fuck yall and grins *
1 week ago
This guy gets it^
1 week ago
owh god its sharks MS day now isnt it?
1 week ago

1 week ago
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