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backflip into pool from house

Kid does a running backflip from his 2 story house into pool. Hey some kids do nail some dumbass stunts like this. He better stop while hes a head


by Stephen

submitted October 26th 2006

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i know its impossible, but i wish someone there would have emptied out the pool while he got onto the roof.
12 years ago
...geez...No room for error there huh, ...If that was my kid doing some stupid fucking shit like that... That Pool would either be filled in or I would put a glass roof over the fucker..

Yup...No shortage of stupidity on Earth.
12 years ago
^doing a backflip through glass into a filled up swimming pool? that would be impressive!
12 years ago
better stop while he has a head or he'll never grow old enough to get head
12 years ago
^ Damn sasquatch, Thats was a good one, how long did it take you to come up with shit like that!? That was korny as fuck!
12 years ago
^your name is corny as fuck.
12 years ago
btw that kid has mega balls to do this. or hes just a retard.
12 years ago
^ I think those two usually go hand in hand.
12 years ago
that was pretty cool. He got the pool dead center, too.
12 years ago
Cheeky little cunt. Let's see him go 2 from 3.
12 years ago
my step sisters friend died instantly from jumpin off a roof and missin the pool. that drunk dumbfuck.
12 years ago
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