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2 good samaritans help female officer

Props to this guy and even more to the fat woman. This is one time u would be happy to see a fat woman on the scene. This ones for u fat girls.


by Stephen

submitted October 26th 2006

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12 years ago
12 years ago
1.Stupid bitch cop lost her gun! - This is why Women shouldn’t be on any front line (crime or military). Sack the bitch!
2.Good on the passer by but he should of shot that piece of shit when he had the chance
3.Go Fat bitch!
12 years ago
uh oh.

black guy... high on crack... on a mucho sucko video... racial tension flairs...

12 years ago
Yes! ive been waiting for a video about a black man doing something wrong forever. now i could say this.

if it looks like a nigger, and smells like a nigger... well by golly its probably a pile of shit... or

if it looks like shit and smells like shit, its probably ryogavee.

but seeing as how i have to make fun of my own race so people wont think im racist here is goes

Q: how many mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: none, they dont have electricity.
12 years ago
I'm gonna hug a fat woman this weekend.
12 years ago
Brown Beast? Last brown beast I saw was in my toilet
12 years ago
Wouldn't it be the allegedly rare failure of the Glock to discharge that was the biggest miracle?
12 years ago
ha, the fat lady just walked over and sat on him
12 years ago
Fat Women = People Weight...

Q: What do you call a bunch of niggers ( nigger differ's from black person.. black perosn is respectable..) Leaning up agaist a Bar.......
A: Antique Farm Equipment
Q: Pueto Rican's Worst Fear....
A: Welfare Cut backs..
Q: How many White people Does it take to screw in a lightbulb
A: None, why do you think we let the mexicans in to the US
Q: What makes Asians Different from everyone else
A: about 5inches...

did i miss anyone?
12 years ago
Maybe the safety was on
12 years ago
Fat women do come in handy once in a while
12 years ago
Hopefully her department sent her to get retrained in self-defense and proper handcuffing procedure. That was just plain embarassing.
12 years ago
if i am correct, glocks dont have a traditional safety. it is a button on the trigger thaat depresses that allows you to shoot. it would be rare for it to be a misfire. maybe the gun wasnt cocked. maybe the struggle torqued the gun so bad that it missaligned the firing pine. or maybe the announcer is a lying sack of shit trying to sell the audience on the luck of the oficer instead of her complete breack of protocol with a suspect and lack of training that got her dumb ass into the situation in the first place.
12 years ago
^I vote for the announcer being a lying sack of shit obvioulsy trying to install even more drama.
12 years ago
Yeah, my brother has a glock, no saftey but I bet you all three prostitutes that the stupid bitch had none in the chamber (i doubt the firing pin bit)
12 years ago
a cracked up negro with a warrant? By golly, I've seen it all!
12 years ago
Niggers:- How do you keep a nigger from jumping on the bed? Put velcro on the ceiling. How do you get him down? Tell the spics down the street its a pinyata. or however the fuck you spell it. Why does aspirin have cotton in the top? To remind the niggers they were cotton pickers before they were drug dealers. How do you find a nigger at night? Tell the motherfucker to smile.....why do niggers have white palms? there is some good in everyone!

12 years ago
nigger bastard coon shit GIVE ME BACK MY BIKE!!
12 years ago
i love these vids, but why do we get the mini repeats every ten freakin' seconds?
12 years ago
some of you crack me up. anybody ever had to fight to retain their weapon against a real person in the real world that really wants to kill you? even male cops get owned the same way by thugs that are bigger and stronger. she did have a shitty approach for cuffing. if she was going to play the "please allow me to cuff you" game, she should have had him put his hands behind his back and lean forward or done something to put him in a position of disadvantage. once he started grabbing her, she tried to do what she was trained to do....disengage and go to an intermediate weapon. too bad the guy was stronger and kept ahold of her.

far as the weapon failing to fire...most likely not a failure to fire. the guy with the firing pin theory is closest to correct, but you couldn't damage the firing pin that way. any handgun will easily come out of battery (slide partially pulled back) in a struggle like that. when it's out of battery, even a fraction of an inch, it will not fire because the firing pin can't make contact with the primer on the cartrige. true for most semi-auto handguns that function similar to glocks.
12 years ago
The gun didn't misfire. It's just hype.

Chances are they pulled that shit in court to get attempted murder of a cop. Won't see him for a long time.
12 years ago
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