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by possum

submitted March 31st 2018

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tadahh, first
7 months ago
so are nix and vomit still here?
7 months ago
i hope/bet not
7 months ago
* NixonsGhost scampers *
7 months ago
thank vishnu you escaped unscathed
7 months ago
now send me those cripple-scans or else
7 months ago
Your entire life is a memory. By the time your brain interprets reality, it has already transpired, so you are forever living in the past. Everything before this very moment is stored in chemical compounds in your brain called memories. Without those your life didn't happen except for whatever external impacts you might have made.
7 months ago
Billions of people lived before you and died thinking they were the center of the universe... yet for 99.9% their names are forgotten except by close family. We are probably a generation or two too early for bioengineering or stem cells to create the fountain of youth. We will join the Great Below with our forefathers.. hopefully we have nice long lives before we get there.
7 months ago
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