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Car wheelie crash

He says it happened while he was going 100 mph. I dont think he was going really that fast.


by Stephen

submitted October 25th 2006

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Quote from wheelie guy - "And it was like How'd this happen?"

Answer - you were trying to go 100mph (probably only got to 60) with your car at a 55 degree angle on its rear tires you fucking idiot.

Would have done the gene pool a favour if he had succeeded in killing himself!
12 years ago

I need some cold cuts.
12 years ago
Wow, there was enough mulitude at that rally to power an entire gulf war!
12 years ago
Maybe his locker busted...
12 years ago
If you're just trying for best wheelie then what s the point of racing to the finish line after you land?
12 years ago
I love how the croud seems to be loving the near-death crashing.... I would too.
12 years ago
his car flipped over about 3 times i bet he was going over 60
12 years ago
Definately was going near 100mph if not that! You think a car thats built to do willies from a stand still position wouldnt be able to reach those speeds that quickly...? C'mon! Dorks...!
12 years ago
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