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me when fries is trying to defend the holocaust lie


by Sealbasher

submitted March 1st 2018

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me when fries is trying to defend the holocaust lie
not muchoworthypossum
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Are you attempting to argue that heil-faggot hitler didn’t exterminate millions of Jews?
3 weeks ago
it was invented by the yews obviously
3 weeks ago
prove me wrong. pro tip....you cant
3 weeks ago
What? So you can just respond with “photoshopped”??

No thanks, you’re too flicking stupid.
3 weeks ago
weird thing is - "sealbasher" is a Slovakian Jew irl

Prove Me Wrong
3 weeks ago
* possum waits and sucks both paws *
3 weeks ago
* Slovakian Jet Pilot irl
3 weeks ago
* yak's
* nuts
* both
* unanswered emails
3 weeks ago
* Magawd throws POTUSF's pseudo asterisk bullet points at POTUSF *
3 weeks ago
this is getting stupid guys, just look at the data and leave me alone
3 weeks ago
i might upload a few prove videos later, well see
3 weeks ago
yeah we'll see... so far not one of your subs has ever made sense
3 weeks ago
recover password
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