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Off-road bikers vs police blockade

"Time for the police to start shooting these fuckers! Lesson them good! Pieces of shit millennial criminals! Crush em! LOLZ! Thanks. A trooper shot and wounded a Randolph man and five people were arrested after a chaotic scene involving dozens of people riding off-road bikes and all-terrain-vehicles dangerously on Interstate 93, state police said. Exit 18 on Interstate-93 southbound near Albany Street was closed for several hours Saturday night after the police-involved shooting. The shooting and arrests occurred as authorities were responding to numerous 911 calls from motorists and witnesses reporting a large group of masked riders recklessly doing “wheelies” across the city and causing traffic dangers, state police said. “Approximately 25 to 35 people were riding off-road bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs in a reckless manner in Boston,” Massachusetts State Police"


by Jones

submitted February 26th 2018

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'lesson them good' ? good english
9 months ago
I hope you copy pasted that otherwise you're a dumbass
9 months ago
*I hope you copIED AND pasted that(,) otherwise you're a dumbass(.)
9 months ago
Yo. Uz gotz to lern ur gramma, nigga.
9 months ago
my English be good . so hows about you stfu
9 months ago
No and no.
9 months ago
9 months ago
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