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Catching Knives Mid Air

Slight of hand or quick reflexes?


by yak

submitted October 24th 2006

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pff lets see him do it with his teeth, then ill applaude.
12 years ago
Catching knives in mid-air requires zero skill.

If you want to get all fancy about it and start intentionally catching them with your hands without getting cut, then you'll need some practice.
12 years ago
Luck..just plain old lady luck..
12 years ago
Al right there charman you convinced me, lets see you attempt it, you know cause its so easy and requires zero skill im sure you qualify then, oh and dont forget to videotape it and submit it to mucho so we can all view...
12 years ago
^^ Obviously commented having read the post fully and understanding it....
If I threw you a tennis ball you'd catch it right? Same with a knife except hopefully it'd fuck you up a bit....
12 years ago
During the first throw u can see the knife in flight go accross the black in the background. But the second throw you do not see it. I think its slight of hand.
12 years ago
Let me spell it out for you just to ruin the effect.

Knives, being the the sharp, pointy things they are, are able to embed themselves in most soft objects. Therefore to catch a flying knife would simply require you to stand in it's path and let it hit you.

That part in itself would require no skill but plenty of stupidity or a distinct lack of a will to live. Clear enough for you now?
12 years ago
it is slight of hand...watch the thrower the second time, u can see the glisten of the knife near his thigh....i'm trying to figure out where the knife homeboy "caught" came from
12 years ago
notice on the first throw you dont hear the knife except when it hits the board. On the second through you hear it "whooshing" through the air
12 years ago
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