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Nuclear Plant Cooling Tower Explosion

And this is what you DON'T want to happen in a power plant.


by yak

submitted October 24th 2006

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Hey tard... this was posted a few months back. It's not an explosion its an implosion. The tower which had no radiation threat material inside was being demolished. That footage was taken of Trojan Nuclear Power Plant was destroyed early this year after being decommisioned for years.
12 years ago
oooh yak he called you a tard.. TATATATAAAAAAAAAAAH(dramatic music)
12 years ago
oh shit..yak is going to fuck the shit out you man! whatch out
12 years ago
I'm pretty sure that was just a disaster...with the cheering and countdown dubbed in...right...
12 years ago
Wat was that at the end?? F-15 fly by?
12 years ago
Should have let the military use it for practice for when we need to bomb NK and Iran's facilities.
12 years ago
I think it was a dragonfly.
12 years ago
Yak is so gonna FUCK you up!!! you screwed man...
12 years ago
ya, i must say. yak, you are a moron for posting that.
12 years ago
It look cool as it went down tho..
12 years ago
Frank, if were gonna bomb NK's nuclear facilities, we'd just use a nuke.
12 years ago
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