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Jack Black Piracy PSA

Don't be a douche, stop piracy.


by yak

submitted October 24th 2006

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How to be a douche:
1. Change your name to something gay (bichofelix,victorums, or Red23)
2. Move to Europe.
3. Post Jack Black movies.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/muchosucko
12 years ago
Was that on the bonus footage of School of Rock DVD? By the way, Johny Depp is a pirate....does that make him evil!?
12 years ago
@ Jonny-Wikipedia is not an advertising service. Promotional articles about yourself, your friends, your company or products; or articles written as part of a marketing or promotional campaign, may be deleted in accordance with our deletion policies. For more information, see Wikipedia:Spam.
12 years ago
That new Pick of Destiny flick should be ok, can't wait to download it.
12 years ago
I can't tell if he's serious. Wait, so you can find movies on the internets? Awesome!
12 years ago
that reminds me i need to get more TD songs off of soul seek...
12 years ago
Jack Black is such a spare. Wanta be farley motherfucker. He sucks stop posting his stupid ass shit.
12 years ago
Musicians, movie stars/celebrities all get paid too much. I don't feel for them. Not at all. They should be greatful that I listen to their music and watch their movies. They should be paying me. He could not have been serious.
12 years ago
^^^ Let me guess your a fan of Communism?
12 years ago
Think they could do that a little more out of sync?
12 years ago
times have changed. get with the times baby'
12 years ago
i ALMOST felt bad that i was downloading nacho libre as i watched this.. But then i remembered.. He's rich, im not.
12 years ago
In Roman times, actors were barely above prostitutes.
Music made for money is uninspiring. Just look at every sell-out band. Once it's for the money...
12 years ago
^^ Totally agree w/ fuck-nut.

I can't think of one band that hasn't made it to the "big time" only to be twisted into something they're not.
12 years ago
fuck jack black. his movies suck ass, and so does his band. i hope he dies in a most painful manner screamin like a bitch while being recorded so i can play it over and over on my computer. i'll even make a picture of his pathetic corpse the background for my screen.
12 years ago
ahha hog master u fagot and yeah fuck movie stars and muscians... they get paid so much money... who gives a fuck if you steal there music or movies, like it takes away from there porshe in there garage. FUCK YOU JACK BLACK AND EVERYONE IN MUCHO SUCK YOU ARE ALL BITCHES.
12 years ago
Lmao...K-Billy being a hypocrite again...


Anyway I dont think Jack Black is being serious about this PSA... Data actually shows that CD sales, etc and so forth go up where there is downloading of the media...That is if the music/media is kick ass... If it sucks...downloading just saves the consumer money by not wasting it on the crap... so they will wind up spending it on something that is good... And THAT is what keeps the artists honest...

How many times have you bought a game, cd, etc and found that you hated it?...When you do that you are out 50 bucks.

How many times have you downloaded a game and found that you hated it..?
Well when that happens all you have to do is erase it.
12 years ago
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