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Cool Live Turntables

For the DJ in you.


by yak

submitted October 24th 2006

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that was sweet.
12 years ago
simply awesome. gonna have that stuck in my head for about ten minutes now
12 years ago
I can honestly say that I hope to never have a DJ in me.
12 years ago
Who are these guys?
12 years ago
Dope dude..nice.
12 years ago
i just want to say... holy shit, 4 white guys that are dj's???? that must be the entire white population in one city!!
12 years ago
^ booooo.. most djs are white (good ones at least)
12 years ago
They're called Birdy Nam Nam, they're french and one of the most amazing live performers I've heard in a while. Check out their song called Abbesses, it's insane.
12 years ago
12 years ago
^ I thought they were cool until you told me their name. Does "Birdy Nam Nam" mean something tough in french? Cuz it sounds gay in english.

:P Here in seattle almost all the dj's are asian... and yeah, i notice that the good dj's are white.
12 years ago
I haven't the slightest idea what their name means. I saw them at the Knitting Factory here in NYC and it was the best $8 I ever spent on music.
12 years ago
by far the most talented scratcher is Dj Tronic
12 years ago
hahah, birdy num num
peter sellers (sp?) fans!!!

Look up the movie:
"the party"
relapse, funny movie!!
12 years ago
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