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They need to get their asses kicked.


by CheechWizard

submitted February 20th 2018

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The Dad News Bears.
9 months ago
You owe me some upvotes you son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 months ago
You too Sporty.... don't think for a second we don't see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 months ago
oh, TRM...I forgot to upvote a couple of my subs....
9 months ago
You FUCK!!!!
9 months ago
* NixonsGhost rechecks rep *
9 months ago
bill gates?
9 months ago
Dude with the flask and attitude was the best.
9 months ago
Oh, his name was Nixon.
9 months ago
*guy at home watching tv
*never played sports
*pink panties
9 months ago
The guy reminds me of Michael Keaton.
9 months ago
The placement of you *corrects make no sense, PresidentFuck.
9 months ago
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