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Cop stops a suicide attempt by force

That'll teach him not to die!


by Jones

submitted February 18th 2018

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next time just jump dont attract a crowd
9 months ago
*+Note to self :
9 months ago
* Federales
9 months ago
This is why we need to build a wall. Higher place to jump from to die, it can be used by the idiots of both countries, no witnesses to gather around, no police officers to get in the way. And Mexico pays for It? Win-Win
9 months ago
Now there's an idea - miles upon miles of wall, with an available nose hanging every 3 yards - come on over and pick a spot
9 months ago
Not at valorous as some of the other videos I've seen, but at least he's alive lol
9 months ago
Little fag boy just wanted the attention. He waited until the cop was close enough to touch his penis.
8 months ago
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