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Mind of Mencia - Dee Dee Dee Song

Don't be a dee dee dee.

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by yak

submitted October 23rd 2006

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it should be the theme music for this site...
12 years ago
And yet some manage to get their own "comedy" show.
12 years ago
Dat Phan is funnier than Mencia... and that's saying a lot. :P
12 years ago
I will admit, Mencia is kind of hit and miss, some of his stuff is funny, some of it... meh...
12 years ago
I fucking hate when he says that.
12 years ago
<i>Mind</i> of Mencia?! What's next, Kama Sutra of Bill O'Reilly? Thermodynamics of Geraldo Rivera?
12 years ago
ned holness AKA "carlos mencia" is a fake, joke stealing fuckin fagget.
12 years ago
Carlos Mensote. Mind of mensote.
12 years ago
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