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How to grand theft a scooter

Very politely


by Jones

submitted February 9th 2018

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that could've been the easiest head-job..EVER.
1 week ago
there are easier ways to get a scooter
1 week ago
you should know since you scored 1 of yours with just a few dozen rub&tugs
1 week ago
He got that one for free from his uncle, the rest was just for fun fun.
1 week ago
looks like an Innovo or Peugeot Vox
1 week ago
*slow waste of money
1 week ago
Like the sign says, "speed's just a question of money. How fast you wanna go?"
1 week ago
^Mad Max quote
1 week ago
And like I said, it’s a slow waste of money.
1 week ago
I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war.
1 week ago
The chain in those handcuffs is high-tensile steel. It'd take you ten minutes to hack through it with this. Now, if you're lucky, you could hack through your ankle in five minutes. Go.
1 week ago
I dispute that claim..10 mins to hack through that steel..It could have been done faster
1 week ago
Well, we know what happened to Johnny https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dlJzrzrGR_8
1 week ago
recover password
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