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Murderous kangaroo vs biker



by Jones

submitted January 30th 2018

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4 weeks ago
What a pussy.
4 weeks ago
*nice tires
4 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
looks more like a wallaby
3 weeks ago
Of course the cyclist douchebag flails to the ground and acts like they're murdered. Cyclists are SCUM! GET OFF MY ROADS YOU ELITIST FAGGOTS!
3 weeks ago
The new smart city Bill Gates and others are funding in Arizona better fucking have dedicated bike paths. No more of these retards obstructing traffic that should be going 4 times as fast as them please. Also, seriously, cycling? So lame you dicks. Find something new to do outside.
3 weeks ago
Here's how you know cycling sucks: every serious cyclist has a weird elongated malformed body... and 90% of serious cyclists are elitist pricks for no good reason. What makes you better than anyone else because you ride a cute little contraption around everywhere faggot?
3 weeks ago
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