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Building Falls on Crane

They just don't make them like they used to, I have a feeling this happened somewhere near where I grew up ;/


by yak

submitted October 22nd 2006

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oh yeah lets just carve it from the bottom im pretty sure it will hold until we are ready for the top
12 years ago
The roof... the roof.... the roof is on me!
12 years ago
Gosh, I hope that poor crane operator is ok... no I don't. Dumb fuck. Chalk another one up for darwin
12 years ago
Is this by the same guy who thought the best place to be when blowing up a boat was on the boat?
12 years ago
What was he thinking???
12 years ago
Okay I'll bite. What, precisely, yak, makes you think this happened somewhere near where you grew up? Is it cause they had buildings there, or that they had a blue sky too?
12 years ago
that is a U.G.G. elevator, which is a co-operative grain organization in western Canada.... yak grew up in Western Canada, I seem to remember an incident like this happening in Foam Lake , Saskatchewan.
12 years ago
Shit. It *does* say UGG on the side. You've made a mockery of my mockery.
12 years ago
That's not a crane... it's a backhoe. (not to be confused with your mother, referred to as a hoe-on-her-back)
12 years ago
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