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Kid Backyard fight

high school kids fight.


by Stephen

submitted October 21st 2006

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After 15 shots to the ribs I cant see him doing anything else but laying down and dying
12 years ago
Fuck... that was pretty good, actually.
12 years ago
I give that kid props for standing and fighting until he was out cold. you dont see alot of fights like that. he had heart.
12 years ago
this was pretty decent. Been watching some UFC as you could tell.
12 years ago
not to bad actually just that fuckin kid needed to throw some more punches... you may be losing but at least fuckin throw some more punches
12 years ago
damn, that was actually a pretty decent fight right there, they slugged it out pretty good. what a good ending too.
12 years ago
good 1
12 years ago
that was a good fight. kind of sucked that the kid in the green shirt didn't win. i was hoping for a rocky 3 ending...

12 years ago
i gotta say, i've seen a lot of internet fight videos, and that one was one of the most impressive.

so too was the one of the kid who chokes out the other dude like three times in front of all his friends in the woods.

felony fights are the most brutal though.
12 years ago
the problem with shouting out "helpful hints" to your buddy, is that the opponent can hear them, too.
12 years ago
finally a pretty nice vid of some white boys dukin' it out
12 years ago
theres nothing helpful about those hints... haha
12 years ago
thanks guys
12 years ago
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