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Projection Monumentale

Pretty cool light show on this monument.


by yak

submitted October 20th 2006

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and thats why i keep coming back to this site. awesome.
11 years ago
As Gerhard Reinke would say: There is no word in English or German to describe this but French have a word, "monumentale".

Actually some of those effects worked really well. I strongly recommend the two giant mirrored prisms in Bilbao which they bounce laser and strobes off of, as a great lightshow which makes you firmly believe you have sustained lasting damage to your retina.
11 years ago
fucking geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenius. and fuck any potential fake sayers
11 years ago
meh... i expected something better
11 years ago
wow -- now -- THAT...is...just....KEEEWWWWLLLLL!!!!
11 years ago
That is some dope ass Sick shit..Nice.
11 years ago
that'd be cool to see if you're rollin
11 years ago
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