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Mr T talks about reality show. Pity the fool

Mr T trys to inspire and motivate people.


by Stephen

submitted October 20th 2006

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Dont forget... Uni-Teeee
12 years ago
i fuckin hate fox
12 years ago
^^That's because you are a fuckin idiot. Go stick your head back in the sand.
12 years ago
Man, two folks who couldn't be more different in that clip... and I can't decide who's the bigger douchebag.
12 years ago
hes just a tool, but you gotta love the guy..
12 years ago
I pity the fool who calls him a douchebag to his face lol
12 years ago
I'll never forget back in the day when someone asked Mr. T what his first name was and he said:

My first name is Mister my middle name is period and my last name is T, fool.
12 years ago

12 years ago
So just because a person uses the implied threat of physical violence to scare those around them into silence means that we shouldn't call them like we see them?
12 years ago
lol @ fuz

i really dont get what hes on about so hes just gonna run around shouting at people telling them what their doing wrong, do you think he can help me with my fear of flying, i aint getting on no plane sucker
12 years ago
sorry cricket ur just a pussy thats all. Hold ur pussy ass head high go to ur nearest airport and board a plain and lets get this pussyness out of u.
12 years ago
Look kids it's B.A. Baracus, "B.A. Baracus don't fight with no toys"
12 years ago
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