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Indian Wedding Brawl

"A wedding in India turned the happiest day of the bride and groom’s life into a battleground when an argument about food turned into a violent mass-brawl. The incident reportedly took place at a wedding venue in Agra, northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state earlier this month. Witnesses said there was a dispute regarding the food served at the wedding ceremony after which family members from both sides went out of control."


by Jones

submitted January 9th 2018

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love the copy-paste description
1 week ago
Your opinion is about as wanted here as a Nixon tech sub
1 week ago
* NixonsGhost preps the bench, 35mm camera, and the scanner *
1 week ago
Slurpee everywhere
1 week ago
No weezin the jui-oo-ooce!
1 week ago
Not enough curry on the tikka masala.
1 week ago
This was really a Bollywood movie. It’s a re-enactment of a club in da hood.
1 week ago
That furniture cost like 90 rupees.
1 week ago
I guess they won't be getting their security deposit back.
1 week ago
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