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This Guy Spins Stuff Better Than You

No... he seriously does.


by yak

submitted October 19th 2006

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The look in his eyes when he almost lost the laptop was priceless.
12 years ago
Well I guess when you have fingers the size of sausages you can spin stuff pretty easy.
12 years ago
Ah but can he spin propaganda?

I'm glad he found a purpose in his fat life by building up some dexterity in his chubby digit. Now maybe he can get his fat arse out the chair and work on the rest.
12 years ago
I'll bet he's laboring under the illusion that this skill is going to get him girls.
12 years ago
He can eat better than me too.
12 years ago
"woops it slipped, lol" ????? WTF! ?`??????????? nur kiddies am start
12 years ago
fucking stupid, i watched about 30 seconds of it and still wasnt impressed.. go work out fat boy. i dont care if you are in shape, but atleast hit the gym 3 times a week.
12 years ago
oops, meant to say i dont care if you get in shape.
12 years ago
big deal, anyone can spin stuff after about 5 mins practice
12 years ago
i'd like to see 'em try n spin thsese nuts in his mouth..
12 years ago
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