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Curb your Election



by Jones

submitted January 5th 2018

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this is so old
3 months ago
or is this a 'joke' that the rest of the world has only just understood ?....
3 months ago
I'm still waiting for 2020 for the punchline.
3 months ago
it'll be the same punchline as last years election. the Tories will win but Corbin will still claim he is ready to lead the country.
3 months ago
How interesting!
3 months ago
really... cos your actions suggest otherwise
3 months ago
Whoosh so hard that it made my ears pop.
3 months ago
I thought so... I just wanted to clarify
3 months ago
Yeah, you’re easily fooled sometimes.
3 months ago
you're best sticking to checker cabs anyway
3 months ago
Nice non sequitur.
3 months ago
Fries, you’re getting rather boring...always repeating the same lame comebacks when you can’t think of something.
3 months ago
well I was going to say that you should not say anything about politics
3 months ago
but I still like the checker cab comments
3 months ago
Yeah, it makes a lot of sense to tell a guy to “stick to” a car that hasn’t been produced for 35 years that you saw in a movie. Wicked burn.
3 months ago
It’s like if I started talking about your kid’s mother. She’s been dead for years, so it’s not really that great of a comeback.
3 months ago
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