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David Blaine Spoof

Magic at its finest.


by yak

submitted October 19th 2006

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12 years ago
Whoops, I just shit my pants. Nothing to do with this vid, however.
12 years ago

It gets so much funnier towards the end.

"Stop putting shit on us!"
"If I find a fucking ace of clubs in my ass, I'm gonna fucking kill you."
12 years ago
A+ one of the funniest amature videos i have seen
12 years ago
haha, the funniest parts were the times he kept staring at the camera...

I guess the Ace of clubs makes a good toe-tag, too...
12 years ago
at first i was thinking it was gay, but when sitting there eating chinese, i couldnt stop laughing. i am disappointed that there wasnt an ace of clubs in my ass
12 years ago
actually pretty funny... wow... and props to whoever made the video.
12 years ago
haha omfg this is great!
the way he kept staring into the camera, just too good..!
he reminded me of tom green.
12 years ago
i believe they're from mtv's wild n' out. funny shit!
12 years ago
I can't stop watching this. Every time he says "I am five-foot-ACE-OF-CLUBS WHAT THE FUCK!?", I burst out into a fresh laughing fit.
12 years ago
no, captain jack, it's "WHAT THE F!?"
12 years ago
Spot the gays, win a prize!
12 years ago
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