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Dumb ass

Wu Yongning films own death and falls from 60 story building. TADA!!!!


by NixonsGhost

submitted December 12th 2017

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Deserved it.
1 month ago
Where's the up vote, you slut!!!
1 month ago
Not sure if this deserves an upvote, as he only fell fifty feet, and not the full sixty stories to the ground.
1 month ago
And I can hear you in the background talking about looking for a window scraper at Family Dollar and how you bought a giant box of Cap’n Crunch.
1 month ago
Iow, upvote.
1 month ago
hey, is this an actual nixon sub?

1 month ago
now... spread your wings a bit?
1 month ago
a Nixon sub that didnt include some crappy electronics repairs
1 month ago
1 month ago
I don't think he recorded his own death....
1 month ago
This is why I don't ride in planes... or go to the top of sky scrapers... or go snowboarding... these are extreme retarded things that put your life at risk for a tiny little rush. Every time I see an idiot doing something like this I'm like "wow, that guy is really fucking stupid."
3 weeks ago
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