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Close call w/lightning

Turn your volume down, this is really loud.


by johnny-ringo

submitted October 17th 2006

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You would have thought the lighting shot out of his extremely sesitive vagina.
12 years ago
Haha, he did act like a pansy, but then again, I would have too...
12 years ago
lol ... know how he feels , a pre-fab building i was inside got hit once .. the sound is like nothing else .. a charge alright ..
12 years ago
You're a queen alright
12 years ago
If you get close enough to your monitor you can actually smell the shit in his pants...
12 years ago
That feeling in your spine is called FEAR.. get used to it you fucking pussy.
12 years ago
it's the yellow strip expanding
12 years ago
so what, in the first place, was the point of filming the work on the bike?? like they KNEW the lightning was going to hit.........??
12 years ago
And being the stupid monkey that learnt nothing from the experience that he is, he goes back to working on his bike near those vents.
12 years ago
Lightning CAN and HAS struck from clouds from distances of about 20 miles away. The "shock' can be felt nearby even though not hit. In Louisiana i got knocked back on my ass my a bolt that hit 50 yards away. It was awesome but yeah... i almost had to change shorts.
12 years ago
^^but since u wore panties that day u had to change those
12 years ago
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