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Depth Charge Test

Now THATS a big explosion!


by yak

submitted October 16th 2006

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12 years ago
Big explosion! Let’s face it though; it’s a complete waist of time. If the French Navy ever faced a situation where they need to use a depth charge they would be far more likely to surrender closely followed by collaboration. Unless of course, they are facing a really tough enemy like Greenpeace

(Explanatory note for the young/morons – The French military sunk the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in the 1980’s)
12 years ago
was that really a charge??? wow, way to go the navy!!!!
12 years ago
Read somewhere else it set off a WWII sunken cargo ship full of explosives
12 years ago
I bet I could fit that huge mother fucker right up my stinking asshole
12 years ago
that was fuckin ILL... especially the black smoke or dirt or combination of smoke dirt and sea creatures
12 years ago
You know what's NOT a "waist" of time? Learning the difference between homophones, jackass. Look up the word "homophone" while you're at it.
12 years ago
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