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meanwhile back in the year one

a million generations...

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by possum

submitted November 16th 2017

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na na nahh nah
11 months ago
What a whimsical tune.
11 months ago
absolutely horrible.
11 months ago
i cant thank you enough for that comment
if you liked this i would have to kill you
11 months ago
you're welcome. d8P
11 months ago
folk music sucks
11 months ago
It’s called progressive rock, you uphill gardener.
11 months ago
Like fries goes outside.....
11 months ago
Let alone anything uphill
11 months ago
It’s not really a gardening term, dude. It means he is one who likes to have his pink allotment hoed regularly. Know what I mean now?
11 months ago
I knew what you meant..... i was extendimg the joke
11 months ago
It’s all good. You didn’t need to extendimg it though.
11 months ago
Son of a bitch!!!!!
11 months ago
hi cheech
11 months ago
The Universal Mind has written you into the Passion Play, Poss.
11 months ago
You didn’t stand a chance son, if your pants were undone.
11 months ago
Rock music rule of thumb.. the worse the teeth the better the music. Once they get the choppers fixed, its over.
11 months ago
is The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles still here, or did it get possumdronestriked?
11 months ago
one thing that seems to get lost over the years: Ian Anderson was the original musical troll.... starting with "Thick As A Brick" (his reply to critics thinking "Aqualung" was a Concept Album) all the way up to and thru the Minstrel In The Gallery and Too Old To Rock And Roll albums...after that, he got remarried and countrified etc etc etc... still put out some good stuff - but the sarcastic edginess was mostly gone though...good for him i guess

i once heard him described as "the monty python of prog rock"...i like that lots

"fuck you if you dont get it - i still had funfun making it"

(Only Solitaire ref)
11 months ago
11 months ago
saving their raisins for SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY
9 months ago
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